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About us

About us

Our company

In an age of mass production, where everything one buys is standardized, our skin & hides products offer the uniqueness to be natural. Because all skins differ, every product we offer is unique.

From home furnishing to childcare, medical comfort, saddles or footwear and garment products, Peaux & Deco offers the whole range of genuine natural products crafted from the best quality hides and skins. 

Peaux & Deco carefully selects all the skins in France and in Australia before processing. This is our Expertise!

Based in Mazamet, in the mountainous Languedoc region of France, Peaux & Deco, continues a long tradition of Sheepskins craftsmanship, which has lasted for more than a century.

Peaux & Deco has for mission: Strict selection of the material before processing and strict control of the finished product.

Bring style and warmth into your home with the original models created by our design team, which style brief is to position the Peaux & Deco range between modern and classic.


Product Informations

Peaux & Deco skin products are selected with the outmost care.


Home Furnishing and Footwear/Garment Products

For those products, only the highest quality Australian merino lambskins are selected. The  natural softness and wool density of Merino lambskins bring comfort and warmth for numerous years. 

The incomparable silk touch of our Tibetan or Mongolian lambskins cushions is simply amazing!.

The natural spotted pattern of our Cow and Goat hides; all sourced and processed in France, is only achieved through individual selection of each and every hide.


Medical Skins and Comfort Oriented Products

Temperatures in the Australian outback range from 0°C to 40 °C. From snow, to floods and severe droughts, the Australian weather covers all extremes. The merino breed is the best suited for these harsh conditions.

Merino lambskins are tipycally warm in winter, cool in summer and act as a natural temperature regulator. 

Furthermore due to the exceptional hydrophilic quality of merino wool, the fibres catch the surrounding water molecules and slowly release them, hence reducing humidity.

Natural insulators, Australian Merino skins will provide comfort in winter like in summer, at home or in medical care.

Your back pains will be relieved thanks to the density of the wool; your discomfort will be reduced thanks to the skin natural hydrophilic and temperature regulation properties.

Medical skins can be used in hospitals, in nurseries and kindergartens, at home, in your car and are the obvious choices for saddle comfort.


Ethics & Environmental Charter

We ensure that all our operations respect of set of ethical and environment sound practices.

We do not source any of our products from Australian farms, which have not stopped mulesing.

We ensure that the skins are exempt of any prohibited chemicals and that the processing practises respect the local environmental regulations in all the countries we source products from.

Finally, all products sold by Peaux & Deco are genuine and made from natural material. No fake-fur is sold here.